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Osikán - Experimental Stage Nursery is a space for research and creation in which artists and specialists inquire into neuralgic issues in today's society and explore the possibilities of contemporary creative work and its power to intervene in social processes from strategies of the sensible. The urgency of considering a closer dialogue with viewers has produced the search for an intimate scene that links professional and non-professional creators (life experts in the lines of sociological research), musicians, visual and media artists. This nursery thinks of creation as a space for criticism and repair of social wounds. Creation as a meeting and participation space.

Osikán… is the continuity and updating of previous stage projects - Histrión Theater (Santiago de Cuba / 2004-2012) and ATHA (Havana, New York / 2012-2014) -, coordinated by José Ramón Hernández , stage creator, curator and cultural manager. We intend to make visible and share other actions and materials that result from investigative work and creative practice, as well as devising experiences aimed at self-management and profitability.

Work areas

  • Creation, research and training : d eveloping a zone of theoretical exploration and pedagogical actions that include the organization of workshops, courses, seminars, events and dismantling, aimed, fundamentally, at generating experimentation crossings between the scene and the social.

  • Cuban Emerging Scene: we connect Cuban and international creators, providing spaces for meeting and dialogue between artistic projects and stage experimentation, basically structured on programming routes and actions linked to territories far from the great circuits of cultural production in Cuba.

  • Creative management : we insert our experiences in a network of work and collaboration between creators who are committed to self-management, creative production, hyperlinkage of resources and a horizontal system in the organization and structure of their projects.

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