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Keep your children away from alcohol - a stage karaoke  

A piece of  José Ramón Hernández y Osikán - creation nursery  from  original text by Rogelio Orizondo

José Jacinto Milanés Creation Scholarship 2012

Air Frio Recognition of the Hermanos Saiz Association for the quality of the staging 2014

Villanueva Recognition of the Critics Association of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba 2014

Keep your children away from alcohol use the aesthetics of karaoke (exhibition, ridicule, spectacularity, affectation, competition, revelation, fear). Explore the dynamics of Havana's nightlife, clubs, bars, cabaret, discos, tolerance zones, from an emphasis on urban subculture and alternative, underground life. From a triangular structure  The creative team reorganizes the literary material authored by Rogelio Orizondo to discuss our sentimental, patriotic and theatrical upbringing, individual frustrations and the frustrations of the nation, generational confrontations and the arrival of children's time.

To keep your children away from alcohol is to get away from apathy, from death, from national shit, from the pain of being a broken homeland, from social and political immobility, from hopelessness, from silence, from simulation, from opportunism, from the command orders that yell at you "Going down." In Aleja a tu Niños del Alcohol, young people speak, form a "stage noise", rise up, grow, believe and build, from their famished voices, a theatrically and spiritually liberated body.  

With: Hilde Gorpe , Rosalia Roque , Laura González , Audis vargas

Concept and direction: José Ramón Hernández  

Dramaturgy: Yohayna Hernández / José Ramón Hernández  

Original text: Rogelio Orizondo  

Costume design: Celia Ledón  

Assistant director: Yoelkis Maceo Bonó   

Production: JHSproducciones  

Production assistants: Maira Almarales  

                         Alain Cantillo Moreno  


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