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Yohayna Hernández González

Born in Havana, 1983
Theatrologist, playwright, cultural mediator, editor, teacher and in recent times a performer. His work is situated between research, creation and thought.
He is interested in the relationship between experience and language. Has created the concept "cheeky"  to think about an area of the emerging scene in Cuba and the type of bond that is strengthened with the viewer.
He works in networks as a gesture of differentiation of the dynamics of work (and affections) in the Cuban scenic context. Founded  Tube of test (2006-2012), network of newest theater players, MCL Project (2010-2013), interdisciplinary space that works on the concept of gender violence and Ibsen Laboratory, stage platform for social experimentation (2012 to the present, today Laboratory Scenic of Social Experimentation). In the latter he served  as coordinator and integrates, in addition, as advisor and dramaturgist, the Osikán experimental stage nursery.
He currently works as an assistant dramaturgist for La Serre. Arts Vivants, Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Co-creator of the third season of, Occuper le (s) temps, OFFTA. Festival of Living Arts, Montreal, 2020.
She has served as an advisor and dramaturgist of numerous scenic proposals, among which the following stand out: I love Madrid (Osikán, Madrid, 2019), Okana. Afro-Radioactive Ritual (Osikán, Havana, 2019), Granma. Los trombones de La Habana (Rimini Protokoll, Berlin, 2019), BaqueStriBois (Osikán, Havana, 2017-2015), Family Trash. Choreography of the absence (Osikán, 2015-2014), Keep your children away from alcohol (ATHA Project, 2012-2014), The meat and milk woman (MCL Project, 2013-2011), But thank goodness that the times of austerity (MCL Project, 2012), Imagine when it is dark / Because the unborn are also people / I want everything that calms. Triptych of loneliness –based on texts by Jon Fosse– (Tubo de trial, 2012-2010).
He has also worked and collaborated with: Stefan Kaegi, Didier Ruiz, Juan Domínguez, Vivi Tellas, Jean-Frédéric Chevallier among others.

He has taught at: Higher Institute of Art and International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños. He has participated in academic events, seminars as well  as given lectures at the Universidad Mayor de Chile, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo, University of Miami, Tulane University, University of Valencia, University of Bergen among others.

Work  as editor-in-chief of Tablas, the specialized magazine for the performing arts in Cuba and she is the founder and editor of the fanzine Las impuras. Contagion unit.
She has been the compiler, prologue, and editor of Threat Documentary. Possible writings, by Agnieska Hernández Díaz (prologue, Ediciones Alarcos, 2016), Anfibioteatro, by Alberto Villarreal (compilation and prologue, Ediciones Alarcos, 2015), Ayer dejé  to kill me thanks to you Heiner Müller, by Rogelio Orizondo (editor and epilogue, Ediciones Alarcos, 2011); Theater der Zeit, special supplement dedicated to Cuba (compiler and editor, 2010), Current Cuban Theater. Newest Cuban playwrights (compiler and foreword, Ediciones Alarcos, 2008), among others.

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