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Maria Mercedes Ruiz Ruiz  

Graduated from the University of the Arts of Cuba (ISA) in 1984 in Theatrology and Dramaturgy. She finished her master's studies in Theoretical Dance Studies.  She discusses her research in November 2020. She is currently serving as Assistant Assistant Professor of the FAD of the subject, Scenic Thought. She is a counselor and researcher at Osikán, scenic platform. Member of the Critics and Researchers Section of UNEAC. In 2010 she advised the creation group Tubo de Ensayo, a space for the newest theater performers in Cuba, and currently collaborates with Laboratorio Ibsen (Scenic Platform for Social Experimentation) as a consultant from 2015 to the present. He has done artistic counseling on several projects: The Name of Rogelio Orizondo, and the performance of the artist Fred Koenig presented at the 14th Havana Theater Festival. Currently, in 2019, he investigated together with Osikan the stage platform for his performance I love Havana. He participated in the crossed residencies at LEES and the Montreal Living Arts Center, La Serre, there he made dramaturgical collaboration with the performance Carri el Necio. He has participated in different international editions of theoretical events and creation workshops. Cadiz Festival. He participated in the Lasa Congress at the Catholic University of Lima with the Lecture: “Zona Ibsen Creation Residence: the (re) invention of a cultural practice” For a curatorial teratology: how to systematize an experience?  He also participates in the XXXVI LASA Congress, Barcelona, 2018, with the project. Dissident bodies, sexualities and scenarios. His critiques and essays appear in Cuban and international publications, such as the magazines Tablas, Cubaescena, Gestos, Virtual Archive of the Center for Scientific Research for the Performing Arts of Madrid, Theater der Zeit, among others. He is currently focusing on his research El cuerpo tumbo at the Laboratory of Social Experimentation (LEES)

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