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Imagination Laboratory

provided by José Ramón Hernández as part of the  research-creation-action process for the project The flight of the hipotpoplar

The Imagination Laboratory explores in the  personal and collective memories of immigrant adolescents and young people, in  the theatricalities of their families and former countries and communities of origin. Proposes  listening exercises for your current  living spaces; Mapping the city and constructing affective cartographies in it: how to go around and explain the city or your neighborhood based on your sensitive experiences?  The Laboratory of Imagination Thinks the Sensitive Tools of Creation  contemporary as a process of making visible  those areas of pain, but also  building desired futures. Creativity as an empowering tool for dialogue and community insertion. How to explore and share the expectations, thoughts and feelings of these adolescents and young people? How to deconstruct the stereotypes of migrant bodies and reconstruct and project their obsessions, affections and family and social wounds? How to socialize and value the memory and knowledge they bring from their countries of origin and their mother tongues? How to learn from them and with them?  

Provided as of February 2021 in collaboration with: 

Mejía de Lequerica Reception Center in Madrid 

Condeduque de Madrid Contemporary Culture Center 

DEVÍO de Hablar Program in Art and Upper Floor Madrid. 

CEPI of Arganzuela 

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